Hand weaving is a traditional art of Kyoto.
There, skilled craftsmen weave fabric with an image of a river in mind.


Cevianori is a fabric made in the countryside in Kyoto and is woven with Japanese paper.

It is highly valued for its traditional craftsmanship and it is used as a costume of actors in traditional performing arts. The fabric becomes softer and smoother as it gets used.



Cevianori is a textile woven with Japanese paper which is superior in durability.
One of its best characteristics is its durability. Japanese paper is woven by a special technique which makes the fabric strong even when it gets wet, breathes well, and is resistant to water, insects, mold, bacteria and odor.
The fabric can keep the same good condition after fifty years.


Cevianori was born from “the Japanese paper of Kyoto” that has a history of eight hundred years.

Keiji Umehara , the master of the Cevian studio, developed Cevian weaving in 1976. After forty years, Yuji Asada inherited his technique which he has remade as Cevianori in 2015.



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